USS Venture II
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Venture II PC-826

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Venture II

(PC-826: dp. 138 (f.); 1. 110'0"; b. 17'6", dr. 6'0" (mean) (f.); s. 17 k. (tl.); cpl. 24; a. 2 .50-cal. mg.,4 de.)

Vixen-a wooden-hulled yacht built in 1931 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp. at New York City— was acquired on 27 December 1941; designated PC 826; and commissioned on 10 March 1942.

PC-826 was assigned to the 3d Naval District and, for the duration of World War II, escorted coastwise convoys along the seaboard encompassed within the 3d Naval District and participated in searches for reported German U-boats. However, her entire career appears to have passed without any combat action. On 15 July 1943, PC-826 became Venture and received the designation PYc-51. On 25 September 1944, she was reduced from "in commission" status to "in service" status and continued so for the remaining 13 months of her Navy career. After the war ended, the yacht was placed out of service at New York on 10 October 1945; and her name was struck from the Navy list on 24 October. On 12 April 1946, she was delivered to the War Shipping Administration berthing facility located on Long Island, N.Y., to be sold.