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Pretext YN-89

Mug Windbreaker
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Polo Shirt Sweatshirt

(YN-89: dp. 1,190 (f.); 1. 194'6", b. 34'7"; dr. 11'8", s. 13 k.
cpl. 56; a. 1 3"; cl. Ailanth7~)

Pretext (YN-89) was laid down 1 May 1943 by American Car and Foundry Co., Wilmington, Del.; reclassified AN-76 on 17 January 1944; launched 23 May 1944; completed and delivered to the Navy 5 August 1944.

Pretext (AN-76) was transferred under Lend Lease to the United Kingdom 5 August 1944. Upon completion of wartime duty with the United Kingdom, she returned to the U.S., arriving Norfolk, Va., 22 November 1945. Struck from the Naval Vessel Register 26 March 1946, she was sold by the War Shipping Administration 20 July 1947.

Converted to a survey ship, she served the Falkland Is. Dependeneies as John Briecoe. Aequired by New Zealand in
1956, and refitted by John I. Thornyeroft and Co., Ltd., she commissioned in the Royal New Zealand Navy 15 August 1956 as Endeavour, an antarctic support ship. She continued in this duty until sold in 1961 and scrapped.