USS Massasoit III
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Massasoit III YT-131

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(YT-131: dp. 222; 1. 111'2"; b. 26'9"; dr. 8'5"; s. 9 k.; cl. Massasoit)

The third Massasoit (YT-131) was launched 13 December 1938 by U. S. Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C.; sponsored by Miss Jean L. Cushman; and placed in service in 1939.

Massasoit soon steamed to Norfolk, Va., to undertake duties in the harbors of the 5th Naval District. The outbreak of war intensified her duties, crucial to the efficient top-speed operation of vital ports. She was redesignated YTM-131 in May 1944, and the next year sailed to complete her war service in the Canal Zone ports of the 15th Naval District. Returning to Norfolk, she was temporarily in reserve from April 1948 to August 1950, then returned to towing and general harbor duties into 1969.