USS Wahpeton II YTM-757
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Wahpeton II YTM-757

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Wahpeton II

(YTM-757: dp. 310 (f.); 1. 107'0"; b. 27'0", dr.
12'0"; s. 12 k. (tl.); cpl. 16; cl. Chicopee)

The second Wahpeton (YTM-757)—oddly enough carried on the Navy list simultaneously with YTB-527 —was acquired by the Navy in April 1968 from the Army, which she had served as LT-2084. Renamed Wahpeton and classified as YTM-757, the tug was soon thereafter assigned to the 14th Naval District and served the Pacific Fleet into the 1970's. Subsequently taken out of service, Wahpeton was struck from the Navy list and sold in September of 1974.