USS Wabanquot YTB-525
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Wabanquot YTB-525

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A Chippewa Indian chief-born at Gull Lake, Minn., about 1830-succeeded to the office of chief at the death of his father, Wabojeeg. Wabanquot was considered by many to be the principal chief of the Mississippi bands of Chippewa. In 186.8, he led his band to the White Earth reservation, where he lived until his death 30 years later.

(YTB-525: dp. 310 (f.) ; 1. 101'0"; b. 28'0"; dr. 9'7";
s. 12.0 k.; cpl. 10; cl. Hisada)

Wabanquot (YTB-525) was laid down in May 1945 at Jacks6nville, Fla., by the Gibbs Gas Engine Co.; launched on 9 August 1945; sponsored by Mrs. G. W. Scott, Jr.; and delivered to the Navy on 13 November 1945.

Since she was completed after hostilities ended in the Pacific, Wabanquot was assigned to the 11th Naval District, San Diego, Calif., rather than to the western Pacific. She was transferred to the Atlantic Fleet in 1947 and was placed in reserve status with the 16th Fleet.

In 1-948, she was assigned to the 3d Naval District. The ship provided towing services and pilot assistance at New York from 1948 into 1976. During her tour, in February 1962, she was reclassified as a medium harbor tug and redesignated YTM- 525. Wabanquot was struck from the Navy list in April 1976.