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A variant spelling of alcalde, a Spanish term designating an official usually serving as a mayor or a judge.

(Yacht: t. 77,1. 105'0" b. 15'5", dr. 6' (aft), s. 13.9 k., cpl. 16, a. 1 3-pdr., i 1-pdr., 2 Colt mg.; 1 Y-gun)

Alcalda (SP - 30 - a yacht built in 1910 in New York at Port Jefferson on Long Island by I. M. Bayles & Sons—was acquired by the Navy on free lease from Mr. Farley Hopkins on 12 May 1917 though she was officially commissioned on the day before the transaction was completed. The vessel patrolled the waters of the 2d Naval District to prevent incursions by German U-boats and to locate any mines laid by either U-boats or surface raiders. Alcalda was returned to her owner on 11 January 1919, and her name was stricken from the Navy list on that same day.