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USS Lexington CVT-16


Wilburn C. McCoy ENC USN(Ret)
Jul 74 - Dec 97


The Lady Lex was my first real ship and I was in her "Diesel Gang" as an EN3 from Jul 76 to Jul 78. She was homeported in Pensacola Fl and the best ship I ever served on during my career.

USS Lexington CVA-16
Robert Clark

Since I do have many- let me just say for now that my duration aboard the Lady Lex was terrific. I had just graduated from high school that June and had already one year of Naval Reserve behind me. My orders sent me to San Diego to board this great but noisy underway ship and I visited Pearl Harbor for the first time ever and dwelt with a family whose father husband worked at Diamond Head. I also visited and literally toured Japan wandered the streets of Hong Kong and there met a family at church who also showed me the sights. Our ship then ventured down to the Phillippines where I visted beautiful downtown Olangapo. Really So I must say that my 9 months aboard the Lexington last WesPac tour was very memorable to one whose !
longest venture was Miami OK. I am still in the Naval Reserve and have 3 years remaining Broken service of 18 years.


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