USS Kitty Hawk

During construction and close to a big ceremony the Kitty Hawk had a major fire. To make sure there would be no political feedback, the powers that be redesignated the CVA 64 as 63 and named her Kitty Hawk with a rush to complete her on time for the ceremony. The burned hull of CVA 63 was renamed CVA 64 and became the Connie, which explains the better condition of CVA 63. The hull which became Connie was always plagued with fires and suffered some pretty big ones.

Ă‘Posted by John Ciolina USN-Ret DV

A. E. Burgin
Service Dates=6/1/59 -5/31/63

Remembering crossing the equator on maiden voyage and the pollywogs outnumbered the shellbacks by about 2 to 1. By the time our air wing got initiated the shellbacks were so tired they could hardly flog us as we came out of the garbage chute. The whales off of the Horn and the rough water in that area were something to remember. we had to let the air out of the nose struts on the F8 Crusaders to keep them from bouncing and breaking tie down points. Seals in the harbor of Valparaiso, Chile. And of course the girls of Rio De what a cruise.
Allie Burgin

Posted by A. E. Burgin
Service Dates=6/1/59 -5/31/63