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USS Essex

(Tom) Thomas G. Trader

Service Dates: 1960-1963

78 Lake Tahoe Circle
Bear, DE 19701

I served aboard the ESSEX from 1960-1963. We had just finished a 6 month repair and modernazation in the Brooklyn Navy Yard When we were sent to Guantonamo Bay Cuba for a shakedown cruise in early Oct 1962. We spent the night in the harbor.The following morning we went to General Quarters and, were underway setting up the Cuban Blockade. We were the Command Ship for that task until relieved by the USS Ranger. We were on the Blockade for a total of 31 days and then returned to our home port of Quonset Point, R.I. Those sailors serving aboard at the time were awarded the Navy Expeditionary Medal The National Defense Medal and, The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. It has only been made public the last few years what the seriousness of the situation really was. Because of then President John F. Kennedy's resolve we averted what could have become another War


Rufus (RP) Porter Smith Jr

"In 1961, I along with my mother and brother were part of a dependents day
cruise on the Essex. I was 11 years old and will never forget the
experience. My father, Rufus (RP) Porter Smith Jr., was a senior CPO and
seemed to have full freedom to take us all over the ship, including the
boiler room. Planes landed and took off, and guns were fired. The Essex was
stationed in Quonsat Point RI and the flight to Providence from Atlanta, was
my first. 7 years later, my first year at University of Georgia my father
died. He was 53 years old. He had served 30 + years in four branches of the
armed services, including the Navy, Army, Governor's Horse Guard and the
Calvary. I am looking for anyone that served on the Essex during that
period, 1960-1966, that knew my dad. I live in metro Atlanta and would
appreciate hearing from any person(s) that knew by dad. I am attempting to
piece together some information and have very little to work with, to date.
Thank you, Donald Smith"

Sailor:Goss, Floyd
Service Dates=1945

Submitted by Grandson Clinton Colantro


"The Fightin'est Ship In The Fleet"....1969: "The Oldest And The Boldest".......I have membership rosters and reunion magazines that I'd be willing to share with anyone. I also have a picture of the Essex taken just after the kamikazee hit in 1944, a photo of men shoveling snow off the flight deck off the coast of Korea, and other photographs from WWII and there after. I hope that what little information I do have is of value to someone other than myself. My grandfather, Floyd Goss, RANK:AMM3, DIV:VIE, was on board from 1944-45. Thank you.



I was aboard the USS ESSEX from May, 1959 to February, 1961. I was an air controllman, worked my entire tour of duty in Primary Fly. Went through the Suez canal twice, and have many color slides from those tours. I worked under Commander Swinburne, the Air Boss. Was there when we lost an F4D when a hold back cable snapped before the afterburners were fired. Also, was manning the tower in the Med when a sailor walked through a propeller of a TF turning up on the flight deck. Went on two Med cruises, participated in the Tour of Good Will with Eisenhower. Would appreciate any info on the Essex.

Submitted by John R Ingram II


Sailor=Eric Piper
Service Dates=1963 -1969


I was aboard the Essex from 1963 until it's decommissioning in
1969. I was originally assigned to the forward engine room. I later was
lucky enough to attend Compress Gas school and worked in the O2N2 plants on
the Essex for four years. The interesting thing was I was stationed on the
Essex with my two brothers. One of my brothers Jerry V. was a RM2 and
worked in the Com Color munications division. My youngest brother Bernard J.
(Spike) MM3 joined us for about two years until we were split up in Boston
when the Essex was decommissioned. We were fortunate to spend a lot of
great times aboard the Essex that we still talk about today. I don&Mac226;t know
if there were other brothers on the Essex but I felt lucky to sail with all
my brothers.

Eric Piper, MM2
U.S.S. Essex CVS-9


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