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USS Saratoga CVA-60


Steve Engel

1957(?) - 1959

I was aboard when she left Mayport FL on 1 Feb 58 for her maiden Med Cruise. One thing that still stands out in my mind took place at 0610 hours on 15 JUL 58,when we unexpectedly pulled out of Cannes, France under orders from Washington and headed at full speed for the Eastern Med. We left Cannes on such short notice that 86 of our crew were left ashore in Cannes and had to get back to the SARATOGA via other ships in the area. We spent the next 10 days 130 miles off the coast of Lebanon until we were relived by the USS ESSEX CVA9. Our cruise was extended from 6 to 8 months so we didn't get back to Mayport FL until 1 OCT 58.


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