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USS San Juan


Sailor=Charles L. Whitaker
Service Dates=1940- 1960

Submitted by:

James Whitaker HisSon, diane hammond

Charles L. Whitaker served as a Chief Gunners mate on the U.S.S. San juan during world war II. He had very few stories he shared with his sons.He did keep two Jap Officer swords and two m-1 carbines. I have been a police officer with the city of Sequim, 12 years and found that one of my co- workers fathers also served on the San Juan. (Wallace) My father had a year book " The Panther Strikes". His picture was in there was in there at least twice including "panther landing force." He was a father of 5, and a good father. I could never know enough about him. Anyone out there who remembers "Chuck" I would love to hear from you. Even if you did not know him and were on the San Juan I would love to hear from you. Like a message in a bottle, this goes out, Chuck passed away in in 1988, but his Air Force sons still remember. James and Jon.


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