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Personal Experiences

USS Rupertus


David Andersen

My name is David Andersen. I served aboard the Rupe from September 1965 until February 1971. I was a Sonar Technician. I worked with the Mk 114 ASW fire control system. I spent a total of 26 months in the Gulf of Tonkin during my time aboard the Rupe. I was also station aboard while she was home ported in Yokosuka, Japan from June 1968 through July 1970. I was aboard her when the Forrestal fire occurred on July 29, 1967. The TV documentary titled "Forrestal: Situation Critical" is a very accurate account of what happened that day. Everything that is contained in that documentary is exactly as I remember it. The Rupertus can be seen coming alongside the Port quarter of the carrier and assisting with the firefighting. I have attached a color picture of the Rupe and will forward more when I have a chance to get them out of the scrap book. I'll keep in touch. Dave Andersen


Allan H. Cyphert

My name is Allan H. Cyphert. I boarded the Rupertus during January of 1953. It was home ported in Long Beach, CA. The commanding officer at the time held rank of commodore. It was in the flagship destroyer division #32 and joined the task force # 77 off the North coast of North Korea. I was a hospital corpsman during this time. Our ports of call were Yokosuka and Sasebo, Japan. The ship returned to Long Beach during January 1954 and I was honorably discharged February 1954.


Paul H. Evens

The Rupertus can be seen as she was in 1950 in the movie Halls Of Montezuma which was filmed in April or May have 1950 at the marine base just a few miles north of San Diego. The Rupertus passes directly behind the fantail of the ship from which the movie is being filmed. This is just prior to the marine landing. I was aboard at the time. We only wore undress whites for mess cooking. We were only allowed to be on the main deck in undress whites to get to and from the mess hall. The working uniform of the day was always dungarees. I knew every man aboard the ship. Here is some information you may or may not have.

  • 1950 U S S Rupertus flag ship for DES DIV 32 Captain E E Grim (Grem) (Greem) Commander Exe N A Smith LCDR Other ships in Des div 32 U S S Leonard F Mason D D 852 U S S Isabell D D 869 U S S Fechtler D D 870 Fechtler was later replaced by U S S Tucker D D 875 (SENT LATER) >
  • DD870 Fechteler
  • DD852 Leonard F. Mason
  • DD869 Arnold J. Isbell
  • DDR875 Henry W. Tucker (The R was for extra RADAR)
  • CVE118 Badoeng Strait
  • CV31 Bon Homme Richard (pronounced Ri-Chard)
  • Rupertus did carry the Destroyer Division 32 Flag much of the time.
  • A Destroyer Division was normally four ships and many had one DDR.
  • 21 Sept. 1949 through 17 August 1951 Rupertus Captain was Commander Edward W.
  • Grimm. <

Rupertus was named for Major General William Henry Rupertus Of the U S Marines Iwo Jima fame. The Rupertus had a single mast until mid 1950 when we went into the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard where the old mast was removed and a new Tripod mast was installed. Also, the old defunk air search radar was removed and a new S P S 6 air search radar was added. The surface search radar was S G 1 Baker. The 20 m m guns located on the gun deck just outside of C I C and behind the # 2 5 inch gun mount were removed and hedgehogs were installed in their place for antisubmarine warfare. A new starboard main shaft to drive the starboard screw was installed which we promptly took to San Clementi Island and hung on a sand bar and worped.(the reason for changing it in the first place, same location too) Crew members of the operations division included Division officers LTJG Dutra and LTJG Green Division chief petty officer Wooten Chief Boatswain Mate Division petty officers include Slover Petty officer 1st class Owen Petty officer 3rd class Aquleno Petty officer 3 class Seaman in operations division include Evens P. H. RDSN Wanda J. R. SN Henson SN Ragsdale RDSN Sonar included a Hoff sonarman 2nd class and 2 seamen (bothers) whose names were Linden pronounced Lin-dean I hope you find this information useful to add to the Rupertus web site. Paul H. Evens Rt. 1 Box 884 Ola,Ar 72853 P. S. The hospital corpsman was named "Monday" Just before leaving for Korea we also took on board a doctor but I cant remember his name. I finally remembered another name or two of men in the C. I. C. One was a 3rd class petty officer named Whitehair from Santa Barbara Ca. I can't remember his rating but he wasn't a radarman. As I recall there was a seaman named Zufelt. I knew a Zufelt and I believe that was one of the missing names from C. I. C. We were short handed for Radarmen so any surplus in other rates was assigned to C. I. C. Radarman was classified as being in the top 10 for shortages of personal at that time. Being a deck rate at the time any other personal would do. When Radar was introduced to the navy they offered it to several other divisions but all turned it, down so the deck division was told "YOU WILL TAKE." So, radar became a deck division Rate. I also found that The U. S. S. Tucker was given to the Brazilian Navy and to one sailors dismay they finally took it out and used it for torpedo practice and sunk her. The Navy gave one aircraft carrier to the association formed by her X crewman. To bad they wont recover the Rupertus and give her to us. I would love that. Thanks again for the pictures. > Paul H. Evens 347 94 82 Service NO.


Joe Arluck

My name is Joe Arluck. My brother, Robert, served on the Rupertus in the time frame 1965 to1966, returning with the ship to Long Beach. I have sent for his service records to get the exact dates. Bob suffered a head injury about 5 years ago that left him confined in Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco. He lost some recent memories, but still retains pretty good long term memory, which makes his memories his service time very valuable. He continues to have physicalproblems, but is fun to talk to and enjoys company. I know it's a long shot, but could you see if any of his shipmatesremember him and have memories to share. (someone from the bay areawould be too much to hope for) Bob was known as Bob Arluck; He was also known as Lauigi (sp)(everyonesaid he looked Italian) and has a tattoo to that effect. At the time ofhis service, Bob lived in Santa Cruz, Ca. He took emergency leave inthe middle of the Vietnam deployment to attend out father's funeral. Hereturned to the ship and was returned to inactive reserve in Long Beach.(I think) I would also be interested in purchasing a hat or T-shirt for him if those things are available.

  • George Kuchek
  • i Maine out of basic training in Bainbridge Md. We ere lined up on the main deck and every second man was assignedto the Engineering Division which at that time was a fancy name for "The Black Gang" I was assigned to No 2 fireroom. Our chiefs name was Duchinnowski. The eng eering officer was Pierce. I worked in the fireroom for 1st class petty officer "Pappy Hall" We went from Bath to Newport R.I then to N.Y.C. then to Norfolk, Va. then through the Panama Canal to San Francisco for outfitting, then across the Pacific to Hawaii then to Midway for feul and then to Tsingtao China.We made a goodwill cruise to Shanghi,Hong Kong and then on to Singapore,from there we crossed the Equator wher I became a "Shellback"then on to Keelung Foremosa. From there we did the reverse of the above back to Tsingtao and then back to San Diego where I was discharged. Would like to hear from anyone who was aboard at that time.e made a goodwill cruise to Shanghi,Hong Kong and then on to Singapore,from there we crossed the Equator wher I became a "Shellback"then on to Keelung Foremosa. From there we did the reverse of the above back to Tsingtao and then backwas assigned to the Ruprtus in 1946 and was aboard until 1948. I went aboard at Bath to San Diego where I was discharged. Would like to hear from anyone who was aboard at that time.

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