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USS Newport News

Wayne Lancaster
Service Dates=11--59 -7-63


My tour of duty was memorable. It was a terrific ship and the ports of calls were exciting. Best tour was of the European countries..France,England(Keil canal trip),Norway, Netherlands, etc.
Most memorable was the Cuban missle blockcade when I signaled the Russian ships to show the missles they were bringing out of Cuba. Also had my appendicts taken out on board during the blockcade!
Would not have traded my 4 yr tour for any other life experience.
SM2 Wayne Lancaster

Sailor=James L Kallin
Service Dates=Feb 1961 to Feb 1965

I served aboard the USS Newport News, CA-148 for over two years. We spent some time in the Med. and went on two northern European cruises where we hit numerous ports of call. I still talk to some of my ship mates and it was an experience I will always look back on as being well worth remembering.
James L Kallin
of OE Division


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