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USS Newport PF 27

George W. Whitt
Service Dates=10-28-48 to 10-18-52


I was aboard USS NEWPORT PF-27 at the Inchon Landing on September 15, 1950. I find no record of the ship being there, and taking part in the landing. The thing I remember most is the typhoon we went through before arriving at Inchon. It was a terrible storm, and our ship was almost capsized. I have lost contact with all of my shipmates and would like to hear from any of them.
The Navy was a great experience, and I wouldn't taking anything for my service. I spent the last 19 months of my enlistment aboard USS SAINT PAUL CA-73. For those interested, I have a book of Sea Stories about Saint Paul that is a fundraiser for memorials. Book titled "I Danced with the Lady" Those interest contact me at OR go to the USS Saint Paul Assocation webpage to see a picture of the book with ordering instructions.


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