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USS John S. McCain DDG-36


Jay H. Hughes Service Dates=28 July 1974-6July 1979

I picked up the McCain in Long Beach California in 1975. She was in dry dock under repair. The CO at that time was Donald G. Hay. My Division Officer was Fred S. Bertsch. We got the ship out of dry dock the day after a division party, it was a good party too, and soon had her back in San Diego. She always had her share of problems in getting underway. There was always technitions from the tender/repairships on board. Sea and Anchor detail was always a adventure. We went thru REFTRA tied up to a pier.We had a change of command with CDR. Carl A. Anderson releiving CDR. Hay. We deployed on WESTPAC in 1977. After port calls in Pearl Harbor, Subic Bay RP, and Hong Kong we went back to Subic Bay. There the enginerring plant went Cold Iron and we spent the next 6 months in Subic trying to get underway. I saw more guys get married in Subic during this time than in anytime else while I was in the service. We also underwent a OPPE and a INSURV inspection at the same time. The ship was fixed by this time and we were sent back to San Diego. It was decided by the NAVY to decomission the McCain and I left the ship with orders for the USS Reasoner FF-1063. I have always felt that the McCain was the best command I served on.


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