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Fred Weber


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Dick Weber

His Brother

LtJg Fred Weber, my brother, flew from the Leyte in Korea, shot down a MIG over the Yalu and then retuned to Corpus Christi in 1951 and was killed flying a trainer plane in July, 1951.
Does anyone remember him and would you contact me with any info about his career. Thank you. Dick Weber

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Richard R. Harlow

I served aboard the Leyte for a year beginning in May of 1950. I was aboard her in Korea where I believe she put on an exemplary performance. The Air Group aboard in Korea was the same Air Group that went to the Med with us so when we got in combat we were already a smoothly functioning team.

I'm writing to add a footnote to one of your facts about the Leyte. You state that she was at sea for 62 days. True. But you didn't mention that that was 62 days without pulling into port which, at that time, was a record for an aircraft carrier (obviously pre-nuclear times).

As I get older (I'm 69) I remember with great fondness the USS Leyte and my shipmates. We all did a hell of a job on one of the best fighting machines ever designed--the aircraft carrier. I was a "yellow shirt" on the flight and hangar deck. It wasn't easy, it wasn't fun, but for pure excitement it was unmatched.

Roy Robbins
Service Dates=Feb of '47 to Sept of '47
Address=6309 Edgewater Terrace
Interested in communicating with anybody in VA7A from 2 of 47 to 9 of 47
I live in Florida.