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USS Intrepid


Edward Allen Mifflin Service Dates=3/5/55-12/14/74

Early part of '56, prior to sailing for the Med., on a shake down cruise off of the U.S. coast, the Intrepid ran into a hurricane. The 'cane lasted for three days and literally destroyed everything above the water line. Flight deck was peeled back, catwalks & liferafts were gone, and thirty seven compartments were flooded. We remained at modified battle stations and only received soup and sand wiches for nourishment.

upon returnng to Port, the Captain was ordered to finish repairs topside and depart for the Med. He refused to leave port without a drydock inspection. The Captains concerns were justified when the drydock inspection revealed extensive damage below the waterline, that would have endangered the ship if it sailed without the necessary repairs.

I left the ship while it was dock for the conversion to an angled deck, with out a cruise book for the time period. if anyone knows how i could purchase one, i would be in thier debt.

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