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USS Hornet CV-10 DD 620

Sailor:James C. Johnson
Service Dates=May 1942 Oct. 26, 1942


I was in the 3rd. Deck Div. My Gen.Qtrs station was in gun tub,port side 5"38 as sight setter. I was cherry. I was sent to the bridge to get the Bosn chair and the Marine sentry would not let me pass. The Captain came out and wanted to know what the problem was and the Marine told him about the bosn chair. The captain asked me if my name was Johnson and I said yes. He told me to tell my Chief he wanted to see him. Every stupid thing you could ask me to do I did it. Even the Captain had heard about me. I got caught on the bow by officer country with a marlin spike and hammer. I was supposed to save the anchor if it started to fall. I raised hell with the airdales on the hanger deck because they wouldnt tell me where to get a bucket of prop wash are a few of my quest. I loved the Hornet as it was my first ship - at least for 6 months. We held the line in 1942 and dont let any one forget that.


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