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John R Rogers
Service Dates=1964-1967
As I was looking through my mother and father's pictures and scrap books I found this poem that dad had from when he served on the USS Enterprise. Ode to Enterprise Across the mighty Pacific, in this stinking lousy spot, We're doomed to spend our time, on the ship that God forgot. Down with the Captain and Admiral, we're boys in navy blue, Right in the middle of nowhere, six thousand miles from you. We freeze, we seat, we strain, it's more than we can stand, But still we're not called prisoners, just defenders of our land. We're sailors in the Navy, we earn our measily pay. Giving our lives for the free world, for just $2.50 a day. Living with our memories and thinking of our gals, Hoping that while we're away, they're not going out with our pals. No one knows we're living and no one gives a damn As home, we're soon forgotten, now owned by Uncle Sam. The time we spend at sea is time we'll never miss So let the draft get you, boys, for God's sake, don't enlist. At last, when we pass the pearly gate, we'll hear St. Peter yell "Fall out you guys off Enterprise, you've spent your time in hell."


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