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USS Denver

RName=Phillip Cebular
TextAreaName=My father in a rare moment, related this story while serving on the USS Denver during WWII. The ship was hit by a torpedo and knocked out the ships power. My Dad's friend was supposed to meet my father for a cup of coffee, but changed his mind. His friend was killed a few minutes after they were to meet during this bombing. My Dad was a Machinist Mate 1st Class, and was in charge of the evaporators. He volunteered to go down to start the pumps to discharge the water. He was in waist deep water while working to start the pumps while the ship was "dead" in the water and an easy target. At this time he saw his friends that were killed in the blast. This effected him deeply.
I treasure the photos I still have of the ship's crew when it crossed the equator, and the "Order of Neptune" he received. I also have pictures of island natives on board pleading that their island not be bombed.


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