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USS Chicago CG-11


Service Dates=NOV. 1968-NOV. 1973


THIS REALLY HAPPENED: I was assigned to the Mighty Chicago "tall lady". We were
in the port of Hong Kong during a 1969 westpac. We had just left Yankee Station after some 40 straight days of 4 and 4 in the firerooms. Admiral Zumwalt had just made possible to wear civies whiule on my friend Malcolm and i decided we would try and fit in as tourists instead of swabbies.
We bought wigs and civilian clothes at some shop in Hong kong and got a room at the Hong Kong Hilton, ready to play rich tourists. We donned our wigs "Long hair was the thing in the 1970's" Well we cruised the bar and check in desk area of the hotel with our new found indentities. We looked so damn stoopid that one girl asked us if we were in the Navy? Well that was the end of our wigs and such. We burned the hair and sent it afloat with the other strange things in Hong Kong harbor


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