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USS Alpine


Robert Berg

Greetings and salutations to all those who valiantly served our
country aboard the USS Alpine. My father Robert Berg was a sailor
on the Alpine. He never went into much detail as to his experiences
in the Navy, however, I do recall finding some old photos in a cedar chest
when I was a child, they were photos of my father and his Navy buddies in
Hawaii with women in grass skirts on there laps. They seemed to be having
a great time. My father was a very hard working quiet man who never mentioned
to his children about the war. After he died in 1987 we were cleaning out the
attic of his home and found a box with Navy memorabilia, in this box was a
large rolled up photo of the USS Alpine, along with a certificate from none
other than Neptune Rex which was in honor of my father crossing over the
equator. I have had these two items framed and hanging in my home as an honor
to my brave father whom i miss dearly and would love to ask many questions
about the war. I often look at the photo of the USS Alpine and wonder where
my father was as kamikazee pilots crashed into his ship on two seperate
occasions killing and injuring his friends. Just this evening out of
curiosity while on the internet i typed in uss alpine under search, to my
surprise i found alot of information on the Alpine. It was wonderful to read
about the journeys of the Alpine. From San Diego to Pearl Harbor, Korea,
Phillipines,Guam, and many other places. I wish my father would have sat
down and told me about his experiences (good and bad). I also wish I would
have taken a moment to ask.
In closing I would like to say Thank-you to all those who have fought
for my freedom. And a special thanks to my father Robert Berg.


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