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Shrimp SP-645


(SP-645: 1. 35'; b. 9'6"; s. 8.6 k.; cpl. 15; a. 1 mg.)

Shrimp (SP-645), a motor boat built in 1912 by the Gas Engine and Power Co., Morris Heights, N.Y., was acquired by the Navy on 14 May 1917 from her owner H. W. D. Rudd of Boston, Mass., and commissioned on 21 August 1917. Assigned to harbor patrol duty in Boston Harbor and local escort duty, Shrimp was twice reported lost at sea and was once nearly destroyed by fire. Later assigned to patrol the Fore River shipyard at night, she was soon recalled to Boston for further harbor patrol duty. Shrimp was decommissioned on 30 November 1918 and was returned to her owner on 25 February 1919.