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Santa Olivia SP-3125

Santa Olivia

Santa Olivia (SP-3125) retained her mercantile name in United States Naval service.

(SP-3125: dp. 13,340, 1. 420'6", b. 53'9" dr. 28'4" dph. 36'8", s. 12 k., cpl. 98; a. 1 6",; 6 pdr.; cl. Santa Barbara)

Santa Olivia (SP-3125), a single-screw, steel freighter, was built during 1918 by William Cramp and Sons, Philadelphia, Pa., for the Atlantic and Pacific Steam Ship Co. of New York, was taken over by the Navy upon completion; and commissioned on 1 July 1918 at Philadelphia' Lt. Comdr. George H. Miles, USNRF, in command.

Santa Olivia was assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service (NOTS) upon commissioning. Departing from Philadelphia on 15 July 1918 for New York, Santa Olivia made two round-trip voyages to Europe before the war's end on 11 November 1918. Sailing from New York each time, she carried a total of 10,773 tons of general cargo to Marseilles on the French Mediterranean coast.

Detached from NOTS on 20 December 1918 at New York, Santa Olivia was assigned to the Cruiser and Transport Force, Atlantic Fleet. She took part in the return of United States troops from the war zone making four round-trip voyages between 27 December 1918 and 9 June 1919. Santa Olivia was decommissioned on 21 July 1919 at the Grace Line Pier, Brooklyn, N.Y., and simultaneously returned to her owner. She remained under United States mercantile registry under the names Santa Olivia, Kansan, and Jackstar until scrapped during 1955.