USS Rush I
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Rush I SP-712

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Rush I

(SP-712: 1. 36'6"; b. 7'; dr. 2'6" (forward); s. 19 k.; cpl. 3;
a. 1 mg.)

The first Rush was built at Bakers Yaeht Basin as a private boat and acquired by the Navy 1 May 1917 from Mr. N. H. White of Brookline, Mass. Assigned to patrol duty in the 4th Nava] District, Rush was wrecked 8 December 1917 while bound for Philadelphia from Boston. Although all hands were saved and mueh equipment salvaged, the vessel was declared a total loss 12 December 1918. Her hulk was subsequently purchased during 1921 by R. B. Seott of Philadelphia, Pa., but she did not reappear on mercantile registers in the 1920's.