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Rickwood SP-597

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(SP-597: t. 40; 1. 70'2~/3"; b. 13'6"; dr. 4'3"; s. 9 k.; epl. 9;
a. 1 3-pdr.)

Riciewood was built during lDlO at Matthews Ship Building Co., Clinton, Ohio, as the private yacht Ethel M. Ward; acquired for the United States Navy 9 June 1917 from her owner, A. H. Woodward of Woodward, Ala., for service as a motor patrol boat; and commissioned 18 June 1917, Ensign George R. Bazzett, in command.

Rickwood was assigned to patrol duty at the Naval Air Station, Pensseola, Fla. She provided ferry service between the air station and the eity of Pensacola, recovered downed aircrews and aircraft, performed local towing and rescue work and patrolled the Florida coast near Pensaeola. Turned over to Pensaeola Naval Station 28 January 1919, Rickwood was returned to her owner 3 Marell 1919, remaining on the mereantile register until 1955.