USS Ready II
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Ready II PG-87

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Ready II

(PG-87: dp. 240,1. 164'6", b. 24' dr. 9'6", s. 40 k. cpl. 24 a. 1 3", 1 40mm., 2 .50 cal. mg.; cl. Ashville

The second Ready (PGM-87) was laid down by the Taeoma Boatbuilding Co., Taeoma, Wash., 10 June 1965; reclassified PG-87 on 1 April 1967, launched 12 May 1967, sponsored by Mrs. William E. Ferrall, and commissioned 6 January 1968 Lt. Paul T. Souval in command.

Ready's speed, maneuverability, and shallow draft enable her to u-ork close to enemy shores in support of counterinsurgency, guerrilla, and conventional amphibious operations. After shakedo\vn in Puget Sound and nearhy areas, she sailed 12 March for her homeport, San Diego. She operated out of San Diego until 10 June u hen she went into the Long Beach Naval Shipyard for availability. She returned to operations out of San Diego 20 November During 1969 she continued to operate off the southern California coast until steaming for Apra, Guam, where she arrived in November.

She remained at Guam until 19 January 1970, when she embarked for Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam. Ready was employed in riverine operations around Cam Ranh Bay and Danang until 26 July. At that time, she returned to Guam, via Hong Kong, for extended availability at Apra, arriving 2 August. On 27 January 1971, she steamed into Subie Bay, Philippine Islands, for a month of special operations. Ready returned to Cam 1lanh Bay 21 March for a two-month stay, departing the area in May and arriving at Apra, Guam 17 May.

After a 12 day stopover at April, she weighed anchor for Pearl Harbor and Long Beach, entering the latter 20 June. Ready spent the next vear in and around Long Beach, from ~vhenee she sailed 24 July 1972, bound ultimately for Little Creek, Va. She arrived at Little Creek in August, after stopping at Acapulco, Mexico, and transiting the Panama Canal. In September 1972, she headed out of the Chesapeake Bay for the Mediterranean Sea. She remains with the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean into 1974.

Ready earned 2 battle stars for Vietnam service.