USS Powhatan IV
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Powhatan IV SP-3013

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Powhatan IV

(SP-3013: dp. 18,026; 1. 544'11~"; b. 60'2"; dr. 30'; s. 16 k.;
cpl. 533; a. 4 6", 2 1-pars., 2 ma)

Powhatan (SP-3013), originally Hamburg, was built in 1899 by Aktiengesellsehaft Vulkan, Stettin, Germany for the Hamburg-American Packet Steamship Co. Due to British control of the seas she was caught in New York at the outbreak of World War I and remained there from 31 July 1914 until commissioned as the troop transport Namburg by the Navy 16 August 1917 Comdr. G. S. Lincoln in command.

She was renamed Powhatan 5 September 1917 and began the first of 12 consecutive Atlantic crossings 12 November

1917. Powhatan was twice attacked by a submarine in the Bay of Bisesy 4 April 1918 but survived unscathed due to prompt location and depth charging by the escorting destroyers. From 12 November 1917 to 9 December 1918, she carried 15,274 troops to France and after the war she returned 11,803 Servicemen to the U.S.

Powhatan decommissioned 2 September 1919 and was turned over to the Army Transport Service at New York.