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Plattsburg SP-1645

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(SP-1645: dp. 15,390; 1. 565'; b. 63'3"; dr. 30', s. 19 k. cpl. 565; a. 3 6", 2 3", 2 1-pdrs., 2 mg.)

Plattsburg, formerly the SS New York, was built in 1888 by J. ~ G. Thomson, Clydebank, Scotland. She was chartered by the Navy from the International Mereantile Marine Company on 9 May 1918 and converted into a troop transport. She was assigned to the Cruiser and Transport Force and commissioned at New York 24 May 1918.

Plattaburg departed New York in convoy with her first load of troops for Europe on 12 June 1918, arriving at Liverpool on the 23rd and returning to New York on 11 July. The ship was returning from her fourth trip to Europe when the Armistiee was signed, having transported a total of 8,776 troops.

She made seven trips after the Armistiee, returning a total of 24,330 American soldiers. Upon her arrival at New York from her last trip, 29 August 1919, she was transferred from the Cruiser and Transport Force to the 3d Naval District. She was turned over to the War Department on 6 October and returned to her owners 7 October 1919.