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Oneonta SP-1138

Mug Windbreaker
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(SP-1138: t. 214; 1. 118'0", b. 25'4"- dr. 12'4"; s. 11.5 k.; a. 2 3-pdrs., 2 mg.)

Oneonta, a steel-hulled tug built in 1910 by Williamette Iron Works, Portland, Ore. was chartered by the Navy from the City of Portland 28 April 1918; and commissioned 29 June 1918, Ens. C. Christensen in command.

Operating in the 13th Naval District, Port Townsend Oneonta towed barges and maneuvered shiDs to the oil an] eoal docks in Puget Sound and patrolled nearby waters. She accompanied submarine H-6 to lower Puget Sound 13 October, thereafter resuming efforts in and around the oil docks.

In March 1919 Oneonta steamed to Alaska for towing and patrol duty. In April she steamed to British Columbia, returning to Seattle the 7th. After inspection, she decommissioned and was returned to the City of Portland 7 May 1919.