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Mariner SP-1136

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(SP-1136; dp. 220; 1. 109'6"; b. 24'7"; dr. 10'9-; s. 11 k.; a- 1 3")

Mariner, formerly steam tug Jack T. Scully of the Neptune Line, New York City, was built in 1899 by A. 0. Brown, Tottenville, Staten Island, N.Y. She was delivered to the Navy 25 September 1917 and she commissioned 19 December 1917, Lt. (jg.) Martin Miller, USNRF in command.

Until January 1918 Mariner operated as a tug at Brooklyn Navy Yard and in the New York Harbor area. While in Long Island Sound in February some of her timbers were crushed by ice. She was repaired at New London, Conn., and -was back in service 24 February. During a heavy southwest gale 26 February off the Long Island coast she foundered and her seams opened. She was rendered helpless when rising water extinguished the fires under her boiler. The ship was abandoned but all hands were rescued by USS Wadena before Mariner sank. Her name was stricken from the Navy list 8 March 1918.