USS Marathon II
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Marathon II PGM-89

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(PGM-89: dp. 240(f.) ; 1. 165': b. 24'; d. 9'6"; s. 40 k.; cpl. 28; a. 1 311, 1 40mm., 2 .50 cal. mg.; cl. Asheville)

The second Marathon (PGM-89), a patrol gunboat, was laid down 21 June 1966 by Tacoma Boatbuilding Co., Tacoma, Wash.; reclassified PG-89 on 28 March 1967; launched 22 April 1967; sponsored by Mrs. Robert W. Copeland; and commissioned 11 May 1968, Lt. L. W. Waterman In command.

Marathon is one of a new class of patrol gunboats constructed almost entirely of aluminum. The ship's weight is reduced markedly in comparison with other type ships of the same size. Her propulsion system is a combination of diesels for cruising and gas turbines for highspeed operation. Marathon's highspeed, shallow draft, and maneuverability make her idealy suited for counterinsurgency and guerrilla operations and amphibious warfare, as well as for harbor blockade and interdiction of shipping.

Her communications and navigation equipment use aircraft concepts and are streamlined to make maximum use of weight, space, and manpower.

After commissioning, Marathon operated independently in Puget Sound for several weeks prior to proceeding to San Diego for further operations and training. She continued operating in the southern California area into 1969.