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Magothy USCG

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A Coast Guard name retained; a river In central Maryland flowing Into the Chesapeake Bay; Indian word meaning small plain devoid of timber.

(USCG: dp. 83; 1. 100'2"; b. 13'2"; dr. 7'7")

Magothy, a Coast Guard patrol boat, was built in 1895 at West Bay City, Mich., transferred to the Coast Guard from the Public Health Service in May 1916; and acquired by the Navy in 1917 for patrol service along the east coast in World War 1. After the end of the war, she was returned to the Coast Guard 28 August 1919 and was sold to Charles Fording, Baltimore, Md., 22 June 1920.

(AVP-45: dp. 1,6%; 1. 31019"; b. 41'1"; s. 20 k.; a. 4 5";
cl. Barnegat)

The name Magothy was assigned to AVP-45 on 23 August 1942; but naval acquisition of the small seaplane tender being built by Lake Washington Shipyards, Houghton, Wash., was canceled 22 April 1943.