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Kiowa SP-711

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A tribe of warlike and predatory American Indians, who at one time resided in Missouri. They later moved southward and often joined the Comanches in raids on other tribes and American settlers. Some members of the tribe still reside on a reservation in Oklahoma.


(SP-711: 1. 35'; b. 9'; dr. 3'6"; s. 10 k.; a. .30-cal. m.g.)

The first Kiowa (SP-711) was built 1915 by Lawley & Son Corp., Boston, Mass.; acquired by the Navy 5 May 1917, from Mr. Frank A Marwell; and placed in service 14 May for Harbor Patrol duty in the 1st Naval District. Kiowa operated out of Boston in this capacity until placed out of service 24 November 1918. She was returned to her owner 28 March 1919.