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Impulse PG-68

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(PG-68: dp. 925; 1. 205'2"; b. 33'; dr. 14'6"; 9.; 16 k.;
cpl. 89; a. 1 4", 1 3"; cl. Temptress)

Impulse (PG - 8) was launched by Cook, Welton, and Gemmill, of Hull, England, 18 September 1940 as HMS Begonia., served in the Royal Navy until 1942, and commissioned Impulse at London 16 March 1942, Lt. C. M. Lyons in command.

One of a group of corvettes transferred to the U.S. Navy under reverse Lend Lease, Impulse departed from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 15 April 1942 as a convoy escort. Upon arrival at New York 4 May, the ship steamed to Norfolk and began regular operations as a coastal escort ship from Norfolk to Rey West. Impul~e returned to New York 25 August 1942 for duty protecting the important supply line between that port and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. For the next 3 years she made repeated escort voyages to and from Cuba, effectively helping to counter the German U-boat menace.

Impulse arrived Boston e July 1945 for return to the Royal Navy. She departed 1 August and arrived Harwich, England, 15 August. Decommissioned 22 August 1945, the corvette was returned to the Royal Navy and sold in 1940.