USS Wachusetts SP-548
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Wachusetts SP-548

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(MB: t. 65 (gross) ; 1. 101'; b. 16'6"; dr. 7' (f.) ; s. 12 1 k.; cpl. 6; a. 1 3-pdr., 2 .30-cal. mg.)

W.C.T.U. was built in 1916 by W. A. and S. D. Moss of Friendship, Maine. Acquired by the Navy in the spring of 1917 from the Howard Lumber Co. of Boston, Mass., the craft-renamed Wachusetts by that timewas taken over on 26 April 1917 and designated SP548. As of 1 February 1918, Wachusetts was operating out of the section base at Boothbay, Maine, probably on local patrol duties, under the aegis of Commandant, lst Naval District. Her commanding officer as of that time was Ens. J. B. Eckroll, USNRF.

The ship's name was apparently dropped somewhat later to avoid confusion with Wachusett (Id. No. 1840), and the boat became simply SP-548. Little is known of her activities because her deck logs have been lost. Further confusion exists as to her ultimate fate. She was struck from the Navy list on 25 October 1919 and reportedly transferred to the Bureau of Fisheries simultaneously. However, subsequent lists of vessels operated by that agency fail to account for her.