USS Robert D Conrad
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Robert D. Conrad AGOR-3

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Robert D. Conrad

(AGOR-3: dp. 1,370 (f.); 1. 208'10"; b. 37'5"; dr. 15'2" (mean); s. 12 k.; epl. 22; seientifie staff 15)

Robert D. Conrad (AGOR-3) was laid down in January 1961 by Gibbs Shipyards, Ine., Jacksonville, Fla., Launched on 26 Mav 1962, sponsored by Mrs. Edmund B. Taylor, and completed and delivered to the Navy in November 1962.

After delivery, the single screw, diesel-electric, oceanographic research ship, Robert D. Conrad, was assigned to the Lamont Geological Observatory, Columbia University for operation. Complete with wet and dry laboratories, seientifie and chart room, photo laboratory, seientifie drafting room a machine shop, two 24" diameter tubes along the centerline for lowering instruments, and a retractable propeller in the bow to maintain position while working with equipment over the side, Robert D. Conrad continues her work for the Lamont Observatory into 1974. Much of her work has been in eooperation with the Offiee of Naval Research and, during the spring and summer of 1963, Submarine Development Group 2 as that group searched the ocean floor for traces of the submarine Thresher.