USS Yucca I
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Yucca I

(Gunboat: t. 373; 1. 145'7"; b. 23'7"; dph. 11'3"; a. 1 30-pdr. Parrott rifle, 1 12-pdr. sb.)

Yucca—a wooden-hulled screw steamer built in 1864 by Donald McKay at East Boston, Mass. was purchased by the Navy on 25 February 1865 and was commissioned at Boston on 3 April 1865, Acting Master Henry C. Wade in command.

Commissioned just six days before General Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia effectively ending the Civil War, Yucca saw no combat in that or any other conflict. Her period of active service covered only three years, most of which she spent on the Gulf Station. By 1868, she had moved to Portsmouth, N.H. where she was placed in ordinary. On 26 August 1868, she was sold at Portsmouth to Mr. R. M. Funkhauser.

Before her keel was laid down on 5 March 1919, Tug No. 32, originally named Yucca, was renamed Napa (g.v.).