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(SwGbt.: t. 1,030; 1. 225'0"; b. 35'0"; dph. 12'0"; dr. 5'8" (aft)

Winnipec a double-ended, iron-hulled, sidewheel gunboat—was built in 1864 at Boston, Mass., by Harrison Loring. The ship was launched on 20 August 1864, but there is no record of her having been commissioned during the Civil War or any portion of the year 1865. Deck logs exist for her during the period 1 January to 6 October 1866, at which time she was assigned to the Naval Academy as a practice ship. She remained so assigned until late in 1867 when she moved to Norfolk, VA, for repairs. In 1868, she was placed in ordinary at Norfolk and remained in that status until she was sold to Mr. Thomas Clyde on 17 June 1869.