USS Marvin Shields
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Marvin Shields DD-1066

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Marvin Shields

Marvin G. Shields, born 30 December 1939 in Port Townsend, Wash., enlisted in the Navy 8 January 1962. After construction training, lie served with 'Mobile Construction Battalion 11, and was with Seabee Team 1104 at Dong Xoai, South Vietnam, 10 June 1965 when a Vietcong regiment attacked. After being wounded, Shields continued to carry up ammunition to the firing line, and after receiving a second wound, insisted oil helping a more severely wounded soldier to safety. Refusing to consider himself and now greatly weakened, he again exposed himself to enemy fire, volunteering to help knock out a machinegun which had the entire camp pinned down. Shields died from wounds he received after he and others "succeeded in destroying the enemy machine gun emplacement, thus undoubtedly saving the lives of many of their fellow servicemen in the compound." He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor 13 September 1966.

(DD-1066: dp. 4,000 (f.) ; 1. 438';.b. 47'; dr. 15'; s. 20+k. ; cpl. 230; a. 15", ASROC, 2 Mk. 25 ASW tt.; 2 Mk. 32 ASW tt.; cl. Knox)

Marvin Shields (DD-1066) was laid down 12 April 1968 by Todd Shipyard Corp., Seattle, Wash.; launching Is scheduled for late 1969; she is to be cosponsored by Mrs. Victoria Cassalery and Mrs. Richard A. Bennett; and is scheduled to commission in 1970.