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McFarland DD- 237


Seaman John 'McFarland, USN, entered file Navy at Boston, Mass., 24 December 1861 as seaman oil Ohio, later transferring to Hartford in the West Gulf Blockading Squadron. Rated captain of the forecastle, lie had the station at the wheel in every engagement in which. Hartford participated. During the Battle of Mobile Bay 4 and 5 August 1864. McFarland left his sickbed to take ill) station, keeping the wheel of Admiral Farragut's flagship throughout the storm of shell and shot. He was commended by Ili,, commanding officers for his fortitude Ind intelligence and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his gallant and meritorious service. The circumstances and date of Ili,, death are unknown.

(DD-237: (11).1,190; 1. 314'5": b. 31'8"; dr. 9'3"; s. 35 k.;
cpl. 122; a. 4 4", 13", 12 21" tt.; el. Clemson)

McFarland (DD-237) was laid down by the New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden N.J., 31 July 1918: launched 30 March 1920: sponsored by Miss Louisa Hughes; and commissioned 30 September 1920, Lt. Comdr. Preston 13. Haines, Ili command McFarland, having served a month with the Atlantic Fleet, departed for European waters 30 November 1920. For the next 2 months she operated in the English Channel. sailing for Gibraltar 31 January 1921. Oil 9 March she arrived at Spalato for a 4-month tour with the Adriatic Detachment. Ili July she continued eastward, and at Constantinople, oil the 31st, joined ships of the Turkish Waters Detachment.

Returning to the United States only once (8 July to 22 October 1922), McFarland remained in the Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean area until spring 1923. During that period she performed quasi-diploniatic and humanitarian roles necessitated by the aftermath of World War 1. She cruised regularly to Black Sea and Anatolian ports, distributing American relief supplies to Russian.

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