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Dyer DD- 84


Nehemiah Mayo Dyer, born 19 February 1839 in Provincetown, Mass., entered the Navy as master's mate in 1862 and was promoted to acting ensign and acting master for gallant service aboard Metacomet during the Battle of Mobile Bay, 4-5 August 1864. He won additional laurels while commanding the cruiser Baltimore in the Battle of Manila Bay 1 May 1898. Rear Admiral Dyer died in Melrose, Mass., 28 January 1910.

(DD-84: dp. 1,060, 1. 315'5", b. 31'8"; dr. 8'6" s. 35 k.
cpl. 100; a. 4 4", 12 21" tt.; cl. Wiakes;

Dyer (DD-84) was launched 13 April 1918 by Fore River Shipbuilding Corp., Quincy, Mass.; sponsored by

Miss Virginia Blackmur; and commissioned 1 July 1916, Commander F. H. Poteet in command.

Assigned to U.S. patrol squadrons based on Gibraltar Dyer sailed from New York 9 July 1918 with Assistant Secretary of the Navy F. D. Roosevelt embarked for transportation to Plymouth, England. Arriving 21 July Dyer got underway 5 days later arriving Gibraltar on the 29th. On 4 August she began her service as escort for merchant convoys and Army transports between Gibraltar and Marseilles, France, making nine such voyages until the end of hostilities.

Dyer departed Gibraltar 29 January 1919 for service with U.S. Naval Forces in the eastern Mediterranean, and called at Spalato, Dalmatia; Cattaro, Montenegro, and Brindisi, Italy; Constantinople, Turkey, and Beirut, Lebanon, before arriving at Venice 5 February. Operating from Venice as flagship for the force, Dyer took part in relief activities in the Balkans and Middle East, carried passengers and supplies in the Adriatic and aided in the execution of the terms of the Austrian Armistice until 16 April when she sailed for the United States. Dyer arrived at New York 14 June 1919 with two Members of Congress embarked.

Between 1 October 1919 and 31 October 1920 Dyer was in reserve, in reduced commission. She operated out of Charleston, S.C., until 3 April 1922 when she sailed to Philadelphia Navy Yard.
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