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Caldwell DD- 69


James R. Caldwell was appointed a midshipman 22 May 1798 and commissioned a lieutenant in 1800. He served in the West Indies during the Quasi-War with France, and in Siren during the Barbary Wars. Lieutenant Caldwell was killed when Gunboat No. 9 blew up in action in Tripoli Harbor 7 August 1804.

(DD-69: dp 1,020; 1. 315'G"; b. 31'2"; dr. 11'6"; s. 32 k.;
cpl. 100: a 4 4", 12 21" tt, cl. Caldwell)

Caldwell (DD-69) was launched 10 July 1917 by Mare Island Navy Yard- sponsored by Miss C. Caldwell, and commissioned 1 December 1917, Lieutenant Commander B. McCandless in command.

Ordered to join the Atlantic Fleet, Caldwell reached Norfolk, VA., 8 January 1918, and Queenstown, Ireland, 6 March. Alertness and skill marked her operations on patrol and convoy escort duty, which were interrupted when Caldwell aided in urgent experimental work on underwater listening devices to employ against the menace of German submarines. After the close of World War I, Caldwell transported troops to Brest, France, and while there joined the escort for President Woodrow Wilson in Washington as he entered the harbor,

Caldwell returned home for operations with the Norfolk Division, Destroyer Force, Atlantic Fleet, and with Destroyer Squadron 3 along the east coast during 1919. Placed in reserve in August 1920, she operated with a reduced complement out of Charleston, S.C., and Newport, R.I., until decommissioned at Philadelphia Navy Yard 27 June 1922. She was sold there 30 June 1936.
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