USS Private Sadao S Munemori
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Private Sadao S. Munemori AP-190

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Private Sadao S. Munemori

(AP-190: dp. 15,199 (f.); 1. 455'3"; b. 62'1", dr. 29'2" (max.

nav.); s. 15.5 k.; cpl. 96; tr ,259, cl. Bou er Victory; T. VC2~AP2)

Private Sadao S. Munemori was laid down as Wilson Victory (MCV hull 836) by the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, Ine., Baltimore, Md. 22 May 1945; launched 6 July 1945; sponsored by Mrs. Paul B. Thomas; and delivered to the Maritime Commission for conversion to a troop ship, thence turned over to Cosmopolitan Shipping Co. 6 August 1945 under General Ageney Agreement. Arriving New York 7 August 1945, she commenced operations in the Atlantic sea lanes. Through the end of 1945 she completed five Atlantic crossings, ealling at LeHavre, France; Downs Roadstead, England; and Hamburg, Germany. The next year she completed 12 crossings calling at Southampton, LeHavre, Liverpool, Antwerp, Leghorn, Gibraltar, and Bremerhaven.

The ship was transferred to the Army 21 August 1946; and renamed Private Saduo S. Munemori 31 October 1947; and operated as an Army Transportation Service ship. After brief service in Pacific waters, she was laid up at Suisun Bay, Calif., in the Maritime Administration Reserve Fleet.

With the outbreak of war in Korea, Private Saduo S. Munemori was delivered by the Maritime Commission to MSTS 22 July 1950, for service as USNS Private Sadao S. Munmori (T-AP-190). After a brief period of reduced operational status, she commenced west coast operations out of Seattle, Wash. Her normal assignment entailed the transport of troops from Seattle to the Far East, returning to the United States with rotation troops. Her 1951 operations took her as far north as Adak, Alaska and across the Pacific to Yokohama, Sasebo, and Kure, Japan, with five ealls at the Korean ports of Inehon and Pusan.

In 1952 Private Sadao S. Munemori operated between Seattle and the Far East, again transporting troops and supplies to both Inchon and Pusan, Korea. The transport was again prepared for lay-up 29 September 1952 and delivered by MSTS to the National Defense Reserve Fleet at Olympia, Wash. 9 October 1952. Struek from the Navy List 6 November 1952, she remains at Olympia, Wash. in the National Defense Reserve Fleet into 1970.

Private Saduo S. Munemori received four battle stars for Korean service.