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Potawatomi AT-109

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(AT-109: dp. 1,675,1. 205'0" b. 38'6", dr. 15'4", s.17 k.;
cpl. 85; a. 1 3", 2 4dmm.; cl. Aonaki).

Potawatomi (AT-109) was laid down by the United Engineering Co., Alameda, Calif., 19 October 1942, launched 3 April 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Arthur L. Monroe; and commissioned 12 February 1944.

Following shakedown off California, Potawatomi, a fleet tug assigned to ServRon 2, operated along the west coast until 3 May when she steamed for Pearl Elarbor with a tow. Reclassified ATF-109 on 15 May 1944, she steamed to Kwajalein with TU 16.14.7, arriving 1 June. Returning almost immediately to Pearl Harbor, she then steamed to Majuro with a tow, arriving 25 June.

Returning to Pearl Harbor, she steamed to Eniwetok with a tow, arriving 7 August. She then proceeded to Saipan and Guam, before returning to Eniwetok. Proceeding to Majuro she participated in the Philippine invasion with TG 79.19 on 20 October 1944, recovering LCT skids and standing by for salvage operations. After a towing assignment from Manus to Hollandia, she participated in the Lingayen assault with TG 77.8, assisting landing craft, 9 January 1945. Making runs between Leyte and Ulithi from March to June, Potawatomi provided harbor services at Leyte during July and steamed to Okinawa in early August, arriving on the 6th and remaining there for the duration of the war and until 10 Septetember.

On 12 September Potawatomi reached Nagasaki, remaining there until 2 October. During Qetober she steamed between various Japanese ports. Returning to Pearl Harbor, she operated there until 5 April 1946 when she departed for Seattle on a towing assignment. On 21 Sentember she departed Bremerton for Alaska, operating out of various Alaskan ports until 29 November 1947 when she returned to Bremerton. On 15 December 1947 she reported for duty to San Francisco Group Pacific Reserve Fleet and Naval Shipyard San Francisco for preinaetivation overhaul.

She decommissioned 28 April 1948 and entered the U.S. Pacific Reserve Fleet, berthed at Stockton. On 27 August she was reassigned to the Alameda Groun. Transferred to the Maritine Administration National Defense Reserve Fleet in August 1961, she was loaned, under the Military Assitance Program, to Chile in February 1963 where she served as Janequeo until sunk in 1965.

Potawatomi earned 2 battle stars for World War II service.