USS Panther II
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Panther II SC-1470

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Panther II

(SC-1470: dp. 99; 1. 111'6", b; 17'9"; dr. 5'6"; s. 15 k.; a.

SC-1470, a sub-chaser built for the United States under reverse Lend Lease by Leblanc Shipbuilding Co., Weymouth, Nova Scotia, in 1942, was launched 17 June 1942, transferred to the U.S. Navy on that date, and commissioned at Weymouth 23 October 1942.

After fitting out at the Boston Naval Shipyard, SC-1470 went on patrol duty out of Tompkinsv~lle, N.Y. She patrolled between Boston and Norfolk until 21 January 1943, when she departed Tompkinsville to operate out of Miami as a unit of the Caribbean Sea Frontier. This was a critical period for subchasers in the area as the U-boat campaign threatened to stifle Caribbean shupping.

Attached to the Gulf Sea Frontier 23 May 1943, SC-1470 continued ASW and escort operations in a more restricted area. Her designation was chanzed to IX 105 and she was named Panther 26 June 1943. She was evaluated as unsea

worthy and decommissioned 7 July and placed in service the same day. She continued to serve until 21 January 1946, when she was placed out of service and struck from the Navy Register. She was subsequently sold for scrapping 13 February