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O-14 SS-75

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(SS-75: dp. 491 (surf.), 566 (subm.); 1. 175'; b. 16'7"; dr. 13'11"; s. 14 k. (surf.), 11 k. (subm.); cpl. 29; a. 1 3", 4 18" tt.; cl. 0-11).

0-14 (SS-75) was laid down 6 July 1916 at California Shipbuilding Co.' Long Beach, Calif.; launched 6 May 1918; sponsored by Mlss Eleanor N. Hatch; and commissioned 1 October 1918, Lt. R. E. Schuirmann in command.

One of many "N" and "O" class boats building just prior to U.S. entry into World War I, 0-14 commissioned too late for World War I service, but reported to Cape May, N.J. in 1919. In September, she was placed in commission, in reserve, at Cape May. In t)ctober she proceeded to Philadelphia for fitting out.

In 1922, 0-14 was based at Coco Solo, C.Z.; on 26 January, she sailed to Guacanayabo Bay, Cuba on a trial run. At Guantanamo Bay in February, she operated in formation in and around the Virgin Islands in March, before returning to Coco Solo. In May, 0-14 with 0-16 and 0-16 resumed diving operations, which continued into 1923 as SubDiv 10 conducted diving taotical operations. In November, 0-14 proceeded to Philadelphia.

Decommissioning 17 June 1924, 0-14 was turned over to the Commandant, Navy Yard, Philadelphia. Struck from the Navy Register 9 May 1930, the boat was scrapped in accordance with the London Naval Treaty 30 July 1930.