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Kamehameha SSB(N)-642

Mug Windbreaker
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(SSB(N)-642: dp. 7,250 (surf.), 8,250 (subm.); 1. 425';
b. 33'; dr. 31'5"; s. over 20 k.; cpl. 140; a. 16 Poll mist,
4 21" tt.; cl. Lafagette)

Kamehameha ( SSB ( N ) -642) was laid down 2 May 1963 by the Mare Island Naval Shipyard; launched 16 January 1965; sponsored by Mrs. Samuel WIlder Rlug, widow of Captain Ring, who was governor of Hawaii from 1953 to 1957; and commissioned 10 December 1965, Comdr. Roth S. Leddick (blue erew) and Comdr. Robert W. Dickieson (gold crew) in command.

After shakedown off the Florida Coast, early in 1966, the new Polaris submarine joined the Pacific Fleet and began her first patrol 6 August, silently and invisibily roving the seas as a mighty deterrent against aggression, preserving peace and protecting freedom.

Kamehameha returned from a successful patrol in November, switched erews, and was soon underway again. She continued this pattern of duty in defense of the free world in 1967.