USS James Monroe
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James Monroe SSB(N)-622

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James Monroe

(SSB(N)-622: dp. 7,250 (surf.), 8,250 (subm.), 1. 425'
b. 33'; dr. 31'5"; s. over 20 k., cpl. 140; a. 16 Poll mist
4 21" tt.; cl. Lafavette)

James Monroe (SSB(N)~22) was launched 4 August 1962 by Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Newport News, Va.; sponsored by Mrs. Roswell L. Gilpatric, wife of the deputy secretary of defense, and commissioned 7 December 1963, OomOr. Wllliam H. Sandford in command.

Following shakedown off Cape Kennedy, Fla., James Monroe spent the early months of 1964 in ballistic missile tests. She departed for her first patrol in June 1964, emphasizing the expanded peacekeeping role of Polaris submarines.

It is fitting that a submarine named for President Monroe belong to a modern United States peacekeeping fom since his famous Monroe Doctrine is one of the cornerstones of Amerlcan freedom. "The American continen,ts . . ." he warned, "are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European power."

During the subsequent years James Monroe continued her patrols and stands ready as a powerful deterrent against Oommunist aggression.

On 17 January 1967 James Monroe completed her 12th deterrent patrol. She has operated from both of the European Polaris replenishment anchorages maintaining her creed and motto of "Watchful Waiting " Her ability to remain on patrol station is limited only by the amount of food carried and the mental and physical endurance of her crew.