USS Hammerhead II
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Hammerhead II SS(N)-663

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Hammerhead II

(SS(N) - 663: dp. 4,250(surf.), 4,780 (subm.); 1. 292'3";
b. 31~8''; s. 30 k.; cpl. 142; a. 4 21" tt., cl. Sturgeon)

The second Hammerhead (SS(N)-663), a Sturgeon class nuclear submarine, was laid down by Newport News Shipbuliding & Drydock Co.. Newport News, VA., 29 November 1965; launched 14 April 1967 and sponsored by Mrs. O. Clark Fisher. It was commissioned on June 28 , 1968. A key element in the underwater deterrent force of the Navy she contributes to the vital, continuing task of "keening the peace" over the vast reaches of global waters. Designed to attack and destroy all types of enemy ships, she is able to operate for long periods at great depths and at high submerged speed, making her a potent and effective challenge to enemy submarines. Operating under nuclear power, she also can conduct long-range reconnaissance
patrols and surveillance missions without risking detection by surface ships. Moreover, she is able to carry out extensive ASW operations, either alone or with other fleet submarines and destroyer-type surface ships.